NORRIS & SMITS - Country Success with a Fresh Edge

Bayleys are delighted to introduce an exciting take on an old favourite.  Norris & Smits is a business partnership between Lin Norris and Alex Smits.  Within the rural community, Lin Norris requires little introduction, Lin is respected for his immeasurable experience, spanning close to 30 years.  Lin has worn many hats during his time with Bayleys including, Principal Officer, Company Director and Country Manager.  His extensive results and sales are one thing, but equally revered is Lin’s diligent work ethic, wisdom and humble nature.
Together they have sold properties ranging from Dairy Farms to Drystock, large and boutique lifestyle and coastal properties.
How do you improve a successful business formula? Take Lin’s knowledge and proven reputation and mix it with a fresh dynamic - Alex Smits. The old bull and the young buck perhaps! Alex was proud to be the first recipient of a Bayleys National Rural Scholarship and he set his benchmark high, achieving sales early in his new career. Exceling in both the business and sports field, Alex was formerly the General Manager for Rugby League Northland - clients will benefit from his extensive network and strong relationships established across the nation.  Once a professional league player and coach, Alex is well rehearsed in the requirements of a winning team.

As a vendor, when you pair with Norris & Smits you can expect the vision to be greater; together they draw upon a larger buyer pool. They also offer a double-shot approach to customer service levels, strong negotiating backgrounds, and a ‘get it done’ attitude. Bringing the pair together has created an injection of energy and a shared hunger for success.